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Nora Dellepiane, Head of the Vaccines Department of the WHO (Foto SL)

WHO gives the green light to Thimerosal, the vaccine preservative containing mercury

Nora Dellepiane, Head of the Department of Vaccines, guarantees that it poses no hazard to human health.


ILO  adopted a historic set of international standards aimed at improving the working conditions of tens of millions of domestic workers worldwide

International Labour Conferencecall for a new era of social justice.
UN calls for stronger nuclear safety measures in light of Japanese crisis.
Women could feed millions more people if given access to means of production.

Top UN officials call for urgent access to Libyan areas affected by violence.

International Year of Forests launched: FAO calls on forest sector to take innovative actions.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay urges Mexican authorities to step for missing migrants.

Geneva aims to become the Capital of International Organizations.

Haiti: ore than 1 million people – 380,000 of them children – still live in crowded camps.

The UNHCR announced programme to facilitate family visits for Western Sahara refugees.

Platero Award: interview with Begoña Peris, President of the Spanish Book Club at the UN.

UN officials hail climate change deal reached at Cancún conference.

Climate change effects on South America depicted graphically in UN report.
UN seeks consensus agreement in Cancun.

Are we accomplices to violence against women?”, ask UN Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay.

FAO warns of impending rise in food prices.
Improve the situation, often discriminatory, facing the Roma in school.
Cholera cases in Haiti are likely to increase in number and to appear in new areas.
Number of Internet users worldwide doubled in the past five years .
Ban Ki-moon lauds bravery and perseverance of rescued Chilean miners.

ILO says long “labour market recession” worsens social outlook in many countries.

Roma children in Europe fail to complete primary education.




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